Append scheduled tasks output in Laravel 5.2

This is a series of posts that showcase new features and aha moments in Laravel 5.2

1. Implicit Route Model Binding

2. Simplified Eloquent Global Scopes

3. Append Scheduled Tasks Output

4. Form Array Validation

5. Middleware Groups

6. Auth Scaffolding

7.  Api Rate Limiting

8. More helper functions

The Artisan Scheduler was a brand new killer feature in Laravel 5.  It simplified tasks that need to be scheduled. It made running cron jobs a cinch.

Here is an example:

Here it fires that command hourly and sends the output to the file and sends an email to the email address above.

Laravel 5.2 comes with a new feature that gives us the ability to APPEND output to a file.

So you can now do this:

So, it just keeps appending to that particular file.

It’s that simple!.

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